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Section 21 – the need to serve a Gas Safety Certificate before the start of the tenancy

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Houses In Multiple Occupation (HMO) – The Terminology

What is a house in multiple occupation? A property which has three or more unrelated people living there, and those people share basic amenities such as a bathroom or a kitchen. Does A House In Multiple Occupation Have To Be Licensed By The Council? A landlord must get a licence if the HMO Is at […]

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Cardiff County Council v Lee – A New Problem For Landlords

Landlords are under considerable financial pressure as a result of their investment, including the most recent changes in the treatment of income from rental income. When a tenant defaults in paying the rent, this can lead to further financial headaches for a landlord.  There is the potential of no income for several months until a possession order is obtained in respect of the property. […]

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How To Recover Possession After A Court Order

For both s8 notice and s21 notices, what happens if the tenant does not vacate? County Court You will need to apply for a Warrant for possession * You can apply to the County Court where the possession order was made for the Court Bailiff to go and secure the premises on your behalf. * […]

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The Tenants Fees Bill Is Right Around The Corner

The events in Parliament today ( June 21) has confirmed that at least one election promise by the current Government will be fulfilled within this Parliament. The Queen announced  that the Government intends to bring in legislation to prohibit a tenant having to pay the  fees of letting agents in England. The Tenants Fees Bill will be introduced. Fees are usually […]

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Right To Rent – A Concise Collection Of The Facts

From December 2016, landlords and agents in England can be charged with a criminal offence if they know or have reasonable belief to suspect that they are letting to an illegal migrant. A landlord can delegate this responsibility to an agent but the checks must be carried out. How Right To Rent Affects You And […]

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Water Companies In Wales And Your Landlord Obligations

As a landlord, did you know there has been a new obligation since 2015 to notify the water supplier of a tenanted property who is renting said property? It applies where the supply is provided by a Water company based in Wales. The Water Industry (Undertakers Wholly or Mainly in Wales) (Information about Non-owner Occupiers) […]

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Section 21 And Section 8 Notices – How And When To Use Them

Section 21  Notice To serve a valid notice, you must​ check: If a tenancy deposit has been received has it been protected in an authorised scheme within the relevant time. If it has not then you cannot serve a Section 21 notice. If the deposit has been protected, has the Prescribed Information under the Scheme […]

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