As a landlord, did you know there has been a new obligation since 2015 to notify the water supplier of a tenanted property who is renting said property? It applies where the supply is provided by a Water company based in Wales.

The Water Industry (Undertakers Wholly or Mainly in Wales) (Information about Non-owner Occupiers) Regulations 2014 came into effect in January 2015. They require a landlord to notify these water companies of  occupiers. Landlords were under a duty to notify about existing tenants by 22 January 2015, and all new tenants must be notified within 21 days of taking up occupation.

What is the penalty for not doing so?  The landlord is held jointly and severally liable for the water supply cost.


It is a simple procedure to comply. If you have not done so then you can do so by registering at You can also contact your water supplier directly to inform them. As you are giving your tenant’s details to the water company, you must advise them that you are doing so, before passing them on to the Water supplier.

This could be a costly error if it not done, as you could be held liable for up to six years water rates arrears.

These regulations only currently apply in Wales. However the English Water Industry is monitoring the success, and if it reduces arrears, it must only be a short time before they follow.